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Sports betting has become a power industry in the world, and its impact in Mexico has not been the exception. This industry has been growing increasingly, to the point that it generates 8,430 million pesos per year in Mexico (about 400 million dollars), according to estimates by the Association of Permits, Operators, and Suppliers of the Entertainment and Gambling Industry in Mexico (AIEJA), Statista and Sports Business.

How did the sports betting market grow in Mexico?

The sports betting market grew massively in Mexico in just five years, but how was this achieved? One of the answers is the global trend built for over a decade in Europe and the United States. This provided international strength so that many more countries joined this betting movement that unites two passions: sports and making money quickly. 

Through this movement, bookmakers were positioned as part of the dynamic of sponsorships in the entertainment world. In Mexico, this was advancing step by step, and today the regulation is that online betting houses must have a permit to operate. In addition to having physical casinos, they can be active within the regulatory parameters set by the Mexican government.

With this growth in Mexico, the sports betting industry is at an international gateway to the market for Latin America, where the wave of this betting initiative expands exponentially.

Who is the giant in Mexico’s sports betting?

According to statistics, Grupo Caliente owns 50% of the sports betting market in Mexico. Although it has physical casinos, their online businesses division is under the name of Caliente Interactive, and their goal is to continue with this trend in a digital way, thus taking giant steps in the new era of sports betting. 

Caliente has invested in media and technology and sponsorships for teams and leagues. They recently announced their alliance with Liga MX to be the official betting house of the tournament, and they are also members of Chivas.

Today, at least 400 million dollars are produced by gambling in Mexico. According to Global Sports Betting Market numbers, the Latin American market is where the industry can be further boosted: only 8% of the money produced now comes from this region.

The strong positioning of tipsters in Mexico

The growing escalation of sports betting in Mexico brought with it the positioning of the figure of the tipsters. But what is a tipster?

Tipsters are people with a vast experience in sports betting and are dedicated to making pre-game or match recommendations based on their probabilistic, statistical, or mathematical methods. So they provide a way to move and earn money through their professional knowledge in this field.

There are several ways to access the information offered by these professionals in betting, and their services include accessible information, which can be free or paid content. Besides, you can even get a subscription if you want to constantly have the information required to jump to sports betting. 

The sports betting industry is growing fast and optimally for fans and professionals dedicated to estimating and calculating game results.

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